Mixed media artist

Mary Therese Wright

Mary Wright is a painter, printmaker, independent curator, and collaborator.

Mary Therese Wright


Wright’s artwork and community based projects have been shown throughout the United States.

In 1992, she was a co-founding director of Campicaso@, a traveling artist-run organization focused on connecting school age children through media and creativity. In 2001, Wright founded Gallery Wright, a brick and mortar retail exhibition and teaching space, representing 25 regional and national artists.

Wright has taught workshops for over 30 years in school systems, artist-run spaces and non-profits. Wright has served on Boards and Advisory Boards of local and state arts organizations and numerous Town committees.

For the past twenty something years, Mary has called a small Vermont town with a big lake, home.

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Mission statement

For me, creativity has been about as easy, intriguing, tricky, frustrating, fun and funny as putting a 1000 piece puzzle together without the boxtop image.

Painting, drawing and printmaking seem to be the major colors, although photography, metalsmithing, sculpture, curating, teaching, public art projects and writing have all had their days, years and decades.

I started teaching myself to paint, sitting pond side in a section of Boston’s Emerald necklace in 1980. I asked complete novice questions of any artist I ran into, got better materials, went to museums, modeled for art classes, and I kept trying, trying, trying to capture the beauty of that pond.

Eventually I went back to college and got a BA in Art. In 1991 I graduated from Cranbrook with an MFA in metalsmithing.

Currently, I am working on a series of remembered landscapes. While most of the paintings are of a body of water, it is not that little pond from long ago, but I am revisiting some of the same awkward materials from those early pond days. Water media on newsprint, it’s still pretty much uncontrollable.

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